Monopoly Defi
What are tiered Monopoly pools?
Tiered launchpad works by allowing the highest tier individuals to pool higher pool weights. In other terms, the higher tier you are the more you can stake into the new project launch.
  • Money - Pool weight of 20
  • Diamond - Pool weight of 40
  • Gold - Pool weight 75
  • Silver - Pool weight 125
  • Bronze - Undisclosed (different for each project) pool weight for VIP Monopoly holders *will require longer stake period
Monopoly will require Monopoly holders who are in different tiers to stake into pools at least 12 days prior to a launch.
For whitelist requirements there will be certain requirements for Earth and Mars tier.
During the initial sale of a project on Monopoly tiers have 24 hours to claim their Round 1 stake. At any moment, Monopoly holders can remove their stake or minimize it. Not every Monopoly holder will fulfill their full allocation. If the full allocation has not been staked Monopoly holders will have a second opportunity to get a share of more tokens through a separate smart contract where users can purchase additional allocation of tokens up to a new maximum amount. Users get access to the second round opportunity according to their tier level.
  • Money - Immediately
  • Gold - 1 hour
  • Silver - 2 hours
  • Bronze - 3 hours

Monopoly holders receive a share of the % fee paid by the projects who launch on Monopoly. The more Monopoly you hold the more BNB you receive from every launch. To break it down simply if you hold 1 Monopoly for example we would airdrop you .00001 BNB so holding 10000 Monopoly pays out 1 BNB to the holder.
Data will be collected after every launch and we will work to improve its functionality over time.
With a fair launch system we plan to improve the platform with feedback, data, and governance. Over time new or changed tier systems will be put in place. The platform benefits all holders of the native $MYP token allowing for a fair launch and giving traders of any size the opportunity to invest in new projects coming to the Binance ecosystem.
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