Monopoly Defi
The Monopoly advantage.
Projects have the ideal situation launching projects on Monopoly . As explained in "What problem is Monopoly solving? " projects will receive a much greater amount of the funds that are pooled. With typical IFO's they would be giving over 50% of the amount. Monopoly will base the projects raise on a tiered system as well. (fees redistribute to holders after every successful launch)
  • 100k-199k - 26% Fee
  • 200k-299k - 28% Fee
  • 300k-399k - 32% Fee
  • 400k-499k - 30% Fee
  • 500k-1M - 25% Fee
Furthermore, partnership with a third party "vault or locker" has been established and will have large portions of the liquidity locked after initial offerings for a minimum of 45 days.
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